God, Do You Really Care About Me?

Did you know that some of Jesus’ closest followers were women? Mary Magdalene, from whom he cast out seven demons, was the first person to witness his resurrection!

You can watch Magdalena, the true story of Jesus told through Mary’s eyes and see how Jesus treated the women of his day.

I hope you enjoy the retelling of the life and ministry of Jesus through the eyes of Mary Magdalene. As you watch the film, you will see that in the beginning Eve was the crowning touch and grand finale of God’s creative masterpiece – fashioned to complete the picture of mankind created in the image of God.

When Jesus entered the world on that starry night in Bethlehem, his first cry echoed the heart cries of women through the centuries. Women led secluded lives. They were not allowed to talk to men in public, testify in court or mingle with men at social gatherings.

They were uneducated, unappreciated, and segregated in the social and religious life of their communities. Jesus saw women hidden in the shadows behind lock and kay and flung the doors open wide with the truth to restore what was lost in the Garden of Eden. With honor and respect, Jesus healed women spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

It is easy for us twenty-first-century readers to view Jesus’ interaction with women as somewhat ordinary, but it was radical in every sense of the word.

He spoke to women publicly, taught them openly, ate with them freely, and treated them respectfully. In a culture that kept women tucked away in the recesses of the home to be neither seen nor heard, Jesus pulled them from behind the scenes, positioned them front and center, and shone the spotlight of His divine love and calling on their lives. As the curtain of the New Testament rises, women fill the stage and take starring roles as God’s grand drama of salvation unfolds.

As you consider each woman Jesus impacted, I pray you will write your name into the script and experience Him as never before.

You are precious to God. Your name is written in the palm of His hand.

*For deeper reflection, listen to John 20.