What People Are Saying…

“I love how these beautiful women’s voices from diverse backgrounds are woven together in a beautiful symphony of voices. Each one brings a different timber and tone and the experience of listening to Scripture deepens and becomes more vivid in color than ever before.” Melody, media

“I listen to hundreds of hours of audio Bible every year (male readers), and I noticed right away that the female narrator brought a different facet of God’s heart, which I had never before experienced. Hearing a daughter read her Father’s love letter really gives a new perspective.” Collin, minister

“Hearing God’s word in a woman’s voice is particularly meaningful to me. I am a survivor of sexual abuse and, at times, a man’s voice saying anything leaves me raw. The voices here are daily bringing God’s gentleness to the forefront.” Susan

“As they (women) hear God’s Word, in their own heart language in a woman’s voice, they will be reminded of the love God has for them and the value God places on them.” Naomi Frizzell, Executive Dir. of Audio Scripture Ministries

“Discovering this resource today made me cry. I was so happy. I have looked for and longed for Audio Scripture read by women. FINALLY. I am absolutely thrilled. I will be telling all the women I know about this.” Jaunita Watters

“her.BIBLE is a beautiful tool. Us women are meant to come together and lift each other up. We are meant to complete each other, not compare and compete with each other. In this world that can teach us to always ‘one-up’ each other due to comparison and social media, it is so refreshing to hear God’s Word from sisters.” Sarah, human trafficking survivor

“As a mental health coach, specializing in ministering to women impacted by sexual trauma and broken trust, I have come to use Her.Bible as a trusted resource for my clients. It has been tremendously calming and soothing in ways I couldn’t have anticipated or explained before.” Christine Mauriello

“Her.bible app started to play the chapter for our weekly Bible study. Latisha listened to our passage being read in a voice similar to her own, and was struck silent. It was like listening to an aunt or grandma read her Scripture. What an amazing gift we give our sisters to experience God’s word in their heart-dialect. Thank you for crafting this deeply moving tool!” Melody, Bible study leader

“I feel healed in my heart when I listen to women who read the Bible audibly. her.bible ignites and reveals deeper emotions when certain words or stories are read in the Bible. I found the her.BIBLE app while searching for Audio Bibles. Honestly, God helps me to sleep better at night by listening to her.bible app.” Stephen from Singapore

“When you’ve been hurt by a man, or your father, or a father figure, it’s so hard to envision a good, good Father. So, to hear the Word of God spoken in a woman’s voice makes the Bible more palatable.” Katie, director of Pure Hope

“When my dad died, it was so traumatic for me. I could not read my Bible, but I knew I needed God. I needed his comfort, but through the tears, I just could not see to read. I remembered the her.BIBLE app, and I had it on my phone! I just let the Word of God wash over me and comfort me. It offered an added comfort hearing it in a female voice because it was almost motherly.” Carril, CRU staff

“My 8 year old daughter and I are following our church’s read-the-Bible-in-a-year plan and we’ve enjoyed listening to Esther and 1 & 2 Corinthians so far in Her.Bible as part of our daily readings—we both love it! And it thrills me to see my daughter enjoy God’s Word in a new way.” Tracy Lindley, VO artist

“her.Bible is good for those who have gone through traumatic experiences where a male’s voice could trigger bad thoughts. Having a woman speaking truth to them might be more easily retained and applied. Most women resonate with other women better, having that heart to heart connection, so I think having a woman tell you to “be strong and don’t be afraid” or “you are fearfully and wonderfully made” it may make them more likely to actually believe it.” Taylor, college student

“I’m a 57 years old disabled woman, who all my life struggled with reading the Bible because of dyslexia. When I listened to the app, I felt the Bible. The reader of 1, 2, 3rd John read so clearly in a language I could finally understand. This app changed my life and relationship with the Lord’s word.” Sandra Kay Thomas

“I realized a few years out of college that I didn’t read books anymore. I was ok with that. Audio books changed that for me. I think the voice reading the Bible matters.” George, minister

“her.BIBLE is an audio version of the Bible read by women of different ethnicities and backgrounds. I love how they are reaching women who want to listen to the Bible, but because of past harm, struggle with the Bible being read by a man.” Chara Donahue, Bible Teacher

“I always had this nagging voice in my head that said, ‘You’re stupid,’ because of my learning disability. “I learned that to grow closer to God, you needed to read the Bible. I was so discouraged every time I opened it up. I didn’t understand what I was reading, but that happened with every book. So I thought, I guess I don’t get the chance to grow closer to God. When I stumbled upon her.BIBLE, an audio Bible that is read entirely by women, it helped me overcome several barriers at once. Not only was the audio medium accessible to me, but there was safety and power in hearing the Word of God from sisters in Christ.” Jesse, young professional

“Women are always going-going. It makes it challenging. But if they can find a moment in the car to listen, give God the chance—the chance to tell them they’re loved and very valued to him. Like, in Ruth, it’s a female voice and it’s talking about a woman who went and conquered. It’s like saying, I’m just one person, just a nurse, just a woman; but with God, [I] can do anything.” Ingrid, nurse

“I’ve been a student of God’s word all my life. I know that God’s word is written to all people, in all places, at all times. And yet, I’d only heard the Bible (on audio) read by men. I never thought that was a barrier until I heard women reading God’s Word. And it felt like a veil lifted for me. I know that God loves women. Hearing God’s word in women’s voices has helped me experience God’s love for me personally.” Leslie Leyland Fields, author and VO artist

“I’m a man who would love to listen to the bible with a woman’s voice. I find it soothing.” Daniel, listener