You Can Help Young Women Know Jesus!

As we near the summer, because of your prayers and your generous gifts, we have already recorded four of the remaining 21 books of the Old Testament!

God is powerfully using her.BIBLE in the lives of college women. Here are some of their encouraging responses:

Faith excitedly shared:

I absolutely love her.BIBLE because of how simple and easy it is to use. Being able to open it up and within seconds be listening to the Word of God read by strong, amazing women brings me so much joy.

The quality is fantastic, and I especially love how each female narrator has a different, unique voice that shows the diversity which God has created us with! her.BIBLE is such a wonderful way to dive into Scripture daily!

Taylor reflected: Most women resonate with other women better, having that heart to heart connection, so I think having a woman tell you to “Be strong and don’t be afraid” or “You are fearfully and wonderfully made” may make them more likely to actually believe it.”

After a painful relationship with a man in authority, Kate exclaimed: This is such a good idea! I feel like it would definitely be helpful for women who are less likely to listen to a male voice because of their bad experiences.

Because of you, her.BIBLE is bringing the Word of God to life with an engaging multi-ethnic women’s narration of the New Living Translation. We are encouraged to see young women like Faith, Taylor and Kate dive into God’s Word and connect with the Lord through comforting women’s voices.

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