You’ll Love This Story!

You’ll love this story. We all long to have great devotions with our children, and women’s comforting voices make all the difference.

Eva, a busy mom, recently shared her encouraging experience with us. She and her son, Jonny, have been listening to her.BIBLE together every night for the past four years. Jonny is now 10 years old, and this nightly routine has led to more than just bedtime stories; it has sparked deep, thought-provoking conversations and spiritual growth.

They typically listen to one chapter a night, and he likes to follow along with the highlighted words as he listens. Then she simply asks if he has any thoughts or questions.

It’s a nightly ritual that is easy on his mom, brings them closer, and fosters a love for learning about God’s Word. As a result of these special times together in the Scriptures, remarkable changes have already taken place in his life:

Generosity Unleashed: Jonny feels compelled to give back. He has donated his entire allowance (instead of a few pennies) to help provide meals for those in need, which stems directly from what he has heard in the parables.

Compassion in Action: Their conversations about God’s love and forgiveness built strength of character. After being bullied by a fellow classmate, Jonny prayed for the child, who had been unkind. His understanding of empathy and forgiveness deepens through these kinds of conversations, and he did not allow the other student to make him feel “less than.”

Growth in Faith: They engage in discussions about challenging passages in the Bible, such as why Jesus sent demons into pigs, washed the feet of His disciples and who is the Holy Spirit.

You made this story possible. When a woman is empowered with God’s Word, she makes a profound impact on her family and community.

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