You Can Help More Women Find her.BIBLE!

Women from around the world are connecting with God in a personal way that speaks to their hearts!

Amanda leads a weekly small-group Bible study for international women on her college campus. When she learned of her.BIBLE at a ministry conference, she immediately knew that it would be just right for the women in her study. Amanda exclaimed:

“This app is in women’s voices, AND it’s multicultural! Women gravitate towards those who sound like them.”

Since attending the conference, Amanda has made her.BIBLE an integral part of their study.

As soon as Amanda offered the “her.BIBLE study” to Anuja, from India, and Novia, her Indonesian friend, they signed up. Then Sharon, a new Christian from China, joined. Later Jennifer, a Mexican believer with lots of questions, wanted to belong. Lastly, a woman from the Middle East decided to join.

Six women from six different countries are coming together to listen and study God’s Word in New York City!

The group began meeting every Wednesday to study the book of John while listening to her.BIBLE. At the beginning of each week, Amanda would send texts, assign passages and offer helpful suggestions:

“While you’re folding clothes, walking to class, going to a coffee shop—listen to the app, and let the Word get inside you.”

By Wednesday, every girl had listened to the Bible passage several times. In the past, when Amanda assigned Scripture to her previous group, they never opened their Bibles to read it, but now these women are excited about God’s Word!

Amanda concluded,

“As they’re listening to the Word throughout the week, they see the importance of being in the Bible each day. What I wanted the most was for the women to want to read the Bible, not just once a week, but to hold on to it throughout the week. And that’s what’s happening!”

Women worldwide are seeking meaning, struggling in their faith, and longing to know their true worth. Together, we can help them find Jesus!

Your gift of any amount will help provide the funding needed to complete the Old Testament production, find more women leaders like Amanda who are longing to share God’s Word, and seek out more listeners through the internet.

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