Why Listen?

Does it sound strange?  Listen to the Bible?  Didn’t you mean read the Bible?

Nope.  I meant listen to the Bible. 

Think of all the things you listen to throughout the day – the news, podcasts, music, meetings, arguments, orders and directions for work, laughing, crying, horns honking. Why not include God’s Word in that list? 

her.BIBLE wants you to fall in love with God’s Word and develop a habit of fully immersing yourself in it.  Heartfully immerse. 

This is sisters in Christ speaking God’s truth to you. Listen to your loving Father’s words of fierce love and mercy. Take time in the day for your heart and soul to be lifted up and fueled for the mission and moments in front of you. 

her.BIBLE wants to take down barriers to hearing God’s word. Plank by plank, brick by brick. her.BIBLE is for those who cannot read and those who aren’t allowed to read, for the abused and the forgotten, the trafficked and the lost, the commuters and the unemployed, the busy and the broken, the sisters and the daughters. her.BIBLE is for you. Heartfully immersed in a loving Father’s words.