Come Celebrate Advent with Us!

The last two years’ events and circumstances have changed how we experience life. For some, the movement has been subtle. For others, it’s as if an earthquake shook life’s foundation.

While things shift and change, one thing is sure: Christ never changes, so you are secure.

Advent provides us with a terrific opportunity to reexamine the life of Christ, why He came and how He loves us. Unless we understand who He is, our foundation will be shaky.

Join us, beginning November 28, in a fresh encounter with Jesus Christ through the Gospel of Luke. Prepare with us to celebrate Jesus’ birth on Christmas Day, having pressed deeply into who Jesus is. Having Him as the foundation of your life brings hope and promise to move forward in faith.

“How Can a Weary World Rejoice?” is Cru’s 29-day Advent devotional and guides readers through Luke using the her.BIBLE audio. It includes a daily “Faith Asked Question,” diving deeper into common questions about Christianity.

It’s available daily via SMS, email, and printable PDF. Learn more and sign up here, or text ADVENT to 1-844-335-9080.

Whether you prefer to receive the devotional as a daily email, as a PDF or via text message, we invite you to celebrate Jesus with us this Christmas season.