Celebrating Advent!

Are you wondering how to seek God during the difficulties of 2020? Have changes, loss or unmet expectations clouded a normally joyful time of year? If so, you are not alone.

During this Advent season, imagine the sights of a starry night, the aroma of hay, and the touch of a tiny newborn’s hands. Become a witness to that first Christmas and join with all creation in worshiping the King.

This brief 4-week study from Neighborhood Bible Studies 2Go (NBS2GO), will help draw you and your friends away from the world’s troubles, to the humble birth of our Savior.

Enjoy listening to passages from Luke and Matthew with her.BIBLE as you go through the study. We pray that Jesus will meet you in his Word and assure you that you are never alone.

To my delight I found myself engaging in Scripture in a fresh way (with her.BIBLE). While listening, my senses were filled with imagination as the spoken Words soaked into the fabric of my mind. I immediately thought to myself, ‘I would LOVE to share this experience with those involved in Neighbor Bible Studies 2GO around the world.’” Debbie McGoldrick, Director of NBS2GO

Let us prepare our hearts for Christmas. Come, let us adore him!